Website design, digital marketing, and hosting services

It is not easy being a small business owner. You are an expert at providing your product or services, but you are also keenly aware of the value the internet can bring to your organization. If you are like most owners, you are already working over fifty hours a week and it is impossible to find the time you need to learn about technologies outside of your area of expertise such as designing websites, digital marketing, and where to host your website.

Webhostconnect will work with you on the layout and technical requirements of your website and translate those into a working prototype for your company. The design will be optimized for speed on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We can optimize your digital marketing approach or provide recommendations to lower your customer acquisition costs. Finally, we’ll evaluate your website’s functionality, bandwidth, technical, and security requirements so we can help you find a suitable host.

Our Services


Over twenty years of experience creating websites

Meticulous attention to details such as page loading speed and search engine optimization

No long-term contracts or monetary commitments

Detailed operating documentation and turnover process

100% Happiness Guarantee




Desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly

Intuitive navigation and menus

Fast loading times, image optimization

Color matching to business branding

Appropriate use of white space

Modern typograph to set visual tone

Content review, editorial suggestions



Review of marketing objectives

Social media review and suggestions

Search engine optimization

Ad placement and targeting

Keyword / phrase recommendations

Daily, weekly, monthly ad budgets

Conversion monitoring



Shared versus private hosting

Dedicated or shared IP address

Managed versus self-managed

SSL / TSL best practices

Bandwidth and storage requirements

Registrar, domain name servers

Monthly fees based on requirements