Month: August 2021

insights and explanations

Changing Your Google Cloud Hostname

Virtual Machines with Custom Hostnames When you first create a virtual machine (VM) on Google Cloud, an internal DNS name is automatically created. The default hostname of the machine will take the form [INSTANCE_NAME].[ZONE].c.[PROJECT_ID]. For example, if you name your instance “my-instance,” the project ID is “my-project” and you create the instance in “zone us-central1-a”, … Read more

insights and explanations

Sending Mail from Google Cloud

Using DirectAdmin and Exim Sending mail should be easy, right? Besides a functional website, being able to communicate with visitors is essential. I don’t have systems admin skills, so I rely on panels such as CPanel, CyberPanel and DirectAdmin. The process with any and all of these panels is pretty simple, unless a sever blocks … Read more